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Creation of Report


This Example use the Microsoft Reporting Services. For other technologies another approach would be necessary or more useful.

Structure and Content

A Report Project is a regular Class, which contain some additional resources.

Core Element
  • Report.cs (the Class and Entry Point)
  • ReportTranslation.resx (For Translation on Report Level)

Technology Focused Element (MSRS)
  • Report.rdlc (Report Layout)
  • ReportDatabase.xsd (Necessary for Layout, just a kind of placeholder/template)

Creation and configuration

  • Create a new Project with Type "Class", Use a Naming you can recognize later
  • Rename the Class to "Report.cs"
  • Change the Class and extend with MEF Attributes
    using System.ComponentModel.Composition;
    using CrumbleLibrary;

    [Export("Reports", typeof(IReport))]
    [ExportMetadata("Id", "AnUniqueID_CanbeAnyString")]
    [ExportMetadata("Reportname", "Reportname")]
    [ExportMetadata("ReportType", HelperLibrary.ReportType.MSRS)]
    public class Report : TemplateReport
  • Make the Settings and Initial Works
        /// <summary>
        /// Says if the Report should be loaded after startup.
        /// </summary>
        public const bool LoadReportOnStartup = true;
/// <summary>
        /// The list parameter.
        /// </summary>
        private Dictionary<string, FilterParameterItem> internalParameterList =
            new Dictionary<string, FilterParameterItem>
                        new FilterParameterItem(
                        new SqlParameter("@dateFrom", SqlDbType.DateTime)
                                Value = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1)
                        "@dateTo",new FilterParameterItem(
                        new SqlParameter("@dateTo", SqlDbType.DateTime)
                                Value = DateTime.Now

Still in Progress

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