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Excuses and more


I'd like to explain some few things about the project, schedule, some code quality and hopes.

Project Schedule and Time

Currently I'm not able to go at a fast pace as I'd like to.
This is based on two circumstances.
*Environment: As for now I have to develop on a 6 years old notebook (which don't like VS2012, Resharper and my usual work speed) during the Week and only on Weekend I have a "good" environment.
*Weekend: The last few Months I didn't had much time on weekend for development. And weekdays with this current environment is troublesome.

This two circumstances will not change in the upcoming months. Hopefully I can manage to get more time in next year (2014) for the weekends.

Current Code Quality

This current version was focused on running.
Many comments and definitions are missing. I'm aware of that and it will be changed. Also the current code does not follow a MVVM pattern (I'm not yet familiar enough with it) and has also many Placeholder for the Generic approach.


As you may see, there is already a alpha version available which is based on MSRS. Next Step will be connected with SQL. This Prototype is necessary for getting a better understanding of the technology and concepts.

In future I'd like to create a more generic way:
  • Database Wrapper/Interface
  • Report Technology Interface (and get in contact with 3rd Party Developer for implementation examples)
  • Generic Filter (So you can use for any kind of front end)
  • MVVM pattern
  • Each Component separately usable (for better implementation in other projects)

So my excuse

As you see there is many things in the long roadmap to accomplish. Some of my milestones are not easy to reach, because I will have first to learn and get fluent with some technology/design pattern, etc.

So be patient and I you'd like to help: You're welcome :)

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