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Why are you doing it?
After I made a solution for a company I felt the urge to make it from scratch and offer it to the public audience. I've seen many reporting solution and all of them have some nice concepts or ideas. But still many lacks the "uncoupled" approach. I think there is a place for this kind of reporting framework and hope my experience will help to make reporting much more flexible.

Why should I use it?
Well I don't force anyone to use it.

Currently I'm not sure how fast and deep I can write this solution. At the moment I would say, that I'd like to have a "RC" at End of Year, preferable earlier.


The Code is messy, the Project structure a hell
Yes, this might be the truth. Feel free to help and improve. It's my first project at this scale and for a public audience. So I'm willing to listen and improve the project.

Why .Net 4.0? Why VS2012? etc
Currently I'm aware, that many companies still using WinXP Systems. So I'm not yet willing to make 4.5 mandatory. At least not until August 2014. As for VS2012. Let's say for XAML I prefer to use 2012 instead 2010. But feel free to use VS2010.

If necessary I will refactoring for a VS2010 compatibility.

Do you need help ?
As stated I have some vision and ideas, but neither the time nor the knowledge to handle it alone. Any help will be appreciated.


Who are you
Well I would assume: Read my profile. If anything else is still unclear -> contact me.

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