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The Framework tries to accomplish a new approach for handling and manage reports.

  • Library: Like the SwissKnife for this Project
  • Control: Manage the Viewer, Filter and Handling
  • Reports: Each Report as a single assembly
  • Filter: Each Filter as a single assembly for multi usage at reports


The Library contain all classes, interfaces and helpers which are need for create a filter, report. In a further step it will also contain the wrappers for a more technology free approach.


The Control will manage the interaction between Report - Viewer - Filter. In a later step it will also handling different Technologies and Databases.


A report is a child of a parent class in the library. It will contain some subsets for override the functions. A report is more like a blueprint. It will contain the layout, the "data retrievment instruction", the linked filter and only a small logic for converting filter return values to fit the need of the current report. It also contain some definition informations.


One of the difference between other reporting solution is the uncoupled approach for filter and interaction of the report. Filter should be able to get used within several reports and still flexible enough to fit within the current report.



Overview Framework


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