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Here a small ToDo List (currently better, than using Issues for that Purpose)

Private Stage: Before other developer can join

Create a proof of Concept

  • Working Library which contains
    • Working Filter (1 Dynamic and if possible 1 Static)
    • Working Report based on MSRS LocalMode
    • Local Example Database
  • Working Sample App which use the Library
  • Check again Documentations

Public Stage: Anybody can join because there is enough to play with ;)


  • Make it Modular
  • Use of MVVM

Stability and Security

  • Make Project Unit Testable
  • Concepts for Authorization Level (if Library will be used as Stand-Alone Solution)
  • Guidelines for Creating Reports/Filters


  • COM Compatibility establish
  • Make Application compatible with other Reporting Solutions
  • Make Application compatible with different datasources (Database, Objects, Files, etc)
  • Try to make it compatible with different UI Concepts (hard to explain yet. will follow)

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