This project has moved. For the latest updates, please go here.

The Project is currently on hold.

The concept and approach of the project have to be reevaluated. In addition has the main developer currently limited time to push the project.
There is no ETA for the necessary changes

Project Description
cRumble is another Reporting Framework written in C#.
Focus is an extensible, flexible Framework, which will contain in a first release a Interface to MSSQL, Microsoft Reporting Services (LocalMode) and some samples.

Further development would going to add wrapper for several other databases and reporting front-ends.
Due my lack of "professional experience" I would need help to add proper MVVM Pattern and also more flexible front-ends for future platforms/tasks.

History / Why this Framework
During a job I had the task to replace an old reporting framework based on some outdated tools. The requirement made it not possible to use current solutions.
Some Solutions where to strongly linked to the project (main application), some other to capsuled within a report (redundancy).

I've made a first framework which was more flexible and fulfilled the requirements. Still it was focused on MSSQL and MSRS. After some thought I've decided to write a new framework which will finally lose all restrictions as possible.

But this will be Stage 2. First Step will be a kind of "Proof of Concept" and contain some sample to give you all a feeling where this will be heading.

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